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At Boemen International Transport Limited health & safety is our key priority. Ensuring that both customers and goods are moved from one place to the other with the highest sense of safety and at the optimum level of comfort is our prime concern.

BIT has the strongest regard for safety in work procedures in order to achieve the target of zero accidents through the promotion of personnel safety awareness, safety training and employing the most state-of-the-art safety equipment and technology in our operations.

The main objective of safety regulations is to avoid human suffering from injuries and damage to company properties. All these regulations at BIT are complied within a strict manner.

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In line with the BIT Health & Safety Policy:
  No personnel shall be under the influence or partake of any alcohol/drugs at any time while on duty under the employment of Boemen International Transport Limited.
  Each individual staff member is responsible and accountable for his/her work assignment and must ensure that all assignments are carried out with the highest sense of safety for both the client and the staff.
  The company‚Äôs work conforms to health, safety, security and environment legislation of the country of operations.
  All operations should be compliant with BIT Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Policy with respect to all staff.
  All employees are provided with the necessary safety manual and equipment and are made available for safety training as required.
 All new staff receive adequate safety training.
 All accident reports and statistics are reviewed and the necessary recommendations enforced.
  BIT will promote a firm awareness that safe working and accident prevention are integral parts of the responsibilities of efficient management.
  All staff are responsible and accountable for implementing the BIT Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Plan.

BIT ensures that an in-house safety meeting is held on a bi- monthly basis. At these meetings, at least 80% of all staff are to attend, with special emphasis on drivers.

Health & Safety experts are brought in periodically to provide detailed training and certification for all employees with regards to health & Safety.

At BIT, Safety is as important as other business activities. Accidents and injuries are unacceptable. We conduct our activities in a manner that ensures the health and safety of our staff and clients.